Teleweb makes it easy to call your prospects and manage your telemarketing sales campaigns from anywhere.

Online Call Center

Call your prospects from anywhere in the world.

All you need is your laptop, your headset with microphone and internet connection. No need for expensive landline, softphone or voip.

Teleweb is reliable, stable and wireless. Perfect combination for your call center needs.

With Your Business Number

Look and sound professional by integrating with your business number.

Let people know you are a trusted company by displaying your company number on their phone.

Don't have a business number?

Get a business number by signing up free with Teleweb.

Import Your Prospects list

Teleweb was built with Excel functionality to allow you to import huge prospects list with just a click of a button.

Upload all your leads and prospects into Teleweb and start making calls today.

Don't have a list to call?

Generate leads in a matter of seconds with our advanced lead generation system.

Get Your Sales Team Online

Deploy your sales and telemarketing team online and save money on office space. Manage all your team members in your new virtual call center office.

Unlimited Dialing Agents

No matter how big or small your telemarketing sales team is, Teleweb is the right solution for you. Create as many dialing agents as you need.

Call Logs And Reports

Teleweb offers all the call center features you love and need.

Organize and manage each call you make with our call disposition feature.

Track your call outcomes and gain valuable intelligence that you can use to optimize your telemarketing sales campaigns.

Email Potential Leads

Look the part and backup each call with a sales email.

Engage and follow-up with potential leads by sending them emails through Teleweb email feature with your business mail.

Need More Features?

If you need more features on top of what we already offer, we are happy to help make you feel like home. As sales marketers, we understand each call center has specific requirements that may not have been covered in our software. We can adapt Teleweb to meet all your business needs.

Complete Call Center Solution

Once you go Teleweb, your landline goes dead.

More people everyday are switiching over to web solutions for their everyday call center business.

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